How to Create Effective Low-Cost Advertising

Every business owner want to advertise, but many are put off by the idea advertising is expensive and that cheap advertising methods don't work. It is true you do need to spend some money on advertising, but it isn't true you need to have a huge budget to create a successful advertising campaign. It's also a fact effective advertising doesn't cost you money, but makes you money. Effective advertising brings a return on investment, so it doesn't matter how much money you spend as long as you get that money back plus something extra.

So how do you create a cheap yet effective advertising campaign?

One of the first things you can do is forget spending money on very big ads filled with colour. There's a belief large colourful advertisements are more effective than smaller, plain ones, when that just isn't true.

Why Media Buying Is Vital to a Company's Growth

For those who are at lost to the meaning of the word 'media buying', allow me to define what media buying is.

Media buying is an advertising process which is commonly used in the attainment of media spaces set at obtaining the ideal placement for your money's worth. It aims to help companies provide consumers with enough insight of their product to generate mass response thereby, increasing the volume of sales. It is a vital function of the marketing process, since most company owners generally have ideas on how they want to market their product, but do not have the knowledge, time, and clout to implement them.

Truth is--we can DIY most of the things we want to do or dream of doing. You can try Google searching ways to put your idea into fruition, and maybe-just maybe-come across materials, which could REALLY help you; some would even go as far as to say you do not need to spend lots of money in doing so.

Know the Most Popular Printing Methods

With advancement in technology, a number of printing services have developed and a whole set of printing methods has emerged. Each method is suited for a different commercial purpose and it is therefore important to know the various methods in order to understand which type is best suited for a particular project.

Following is a brief discussion on the popular printing methods used in the commercial market today:

Digital printing:

This method of printing is new and is extremely effective as it rules out the use of plates and films and can be used instead, digital technology where the file to be printed is transmitted to the press from the computer. Digital printing is effective because of its working speed and this makes it a convenient choice in most offices where projects have time constraints and deadlines to be met.

Why Business Plans Are BS For Business Owners

Once upon a time...

Sam was worried about his electrical supply business, and rightly so.

The initial burst of growth over the first three years of the business had halted in the fourth year and in the fifth his sales and profitability were now going backwards.


Sam urgently needed more bank funding to keep the business afloat until he could drum up some more sales.

So he first met with Pam, his CPA, to complete a loan application and she started the meeting by reviewing the business's financials.